Hello from the inner void

My name is Nicole. I think a lot about choices, intuition, creation and try to make art often. I try to write this substack biweekly — I work a corporate job by day and this substack is a wonderful haven/creative outlet for me.

My other interests include: learning about investing, behavioral economics research, and lifting weights/yoga. I also used to write the newsletter Kopi Club with Justine.

If you enjoy anything you read here or have any thoughts, please shoot me an email or send me a message on Twitter. Thanks for hanging out in this little corner of my brain.

diy wall art piece - meaning feeling/thinking
I like to paint

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I write about identity, introspection, and relationships among other things.


Nix 🕊

I like the absurd, the intimate, the forgotten, the mundane. you can find me @startingfromnix on twitter