Feb 5 • 11M

🎙️ 01. Cost of Change

sunk cost, life audits, first episode ever?!

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Nix 🕊
Creating space to chat about things we don't chat enough about! Let's talk about being in your 20s, being an introvert, navigating toxic workplace and friendships, dating, living in a big city and .... much more. Also, stay tuned for writing on nicoles.substack.com, by @startingfromnix 🕊
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Hi everyone, welcome to my podcast!

I ramble a little bit today about how change always comes with cost — I think the sunk cost fallacy infiltrates our lives in very small, but impactful ways: relationships, jobs, commitments.

The pod is going to be more casual, just like me chatting 2 u rather than writing a long essay. And I hope to talk about some things I haven’t fully fleshed out yet.

Let me know what you think via comment or Twitter as this is my first time editing a pod/recording it.

You can also listen to this on spotify - image and formats are a… work in progress.